Introductory blog post
Replacing Photoshop with NSString

Source code
(NSImage category)
ASCIImage on Github

ASCIImage editors
ASCIImage Super Studio (Source)
Online javascript-based editor

ASCIImage Ports
cocoscii (javascript)
node-cocoscii (node.js)
avg (go)
asciimage-ruby (Ruby)
ASCIImage-Sharp (C#/WPF)
QTextImage (Qt/C++)
AsciiImageFsharp (F#)
ASCIImage-Xojo (Xojo)
QtAsciimage (Qt/C++)
timyates/ascii-image (Java)
react-native-asciimage (ObjC / React Native)
asciimage-php (PHP)
Memnarch/AsciiImage (Delphi)

ASCIImage for non-English speakers
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Introduction in Japanese

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